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3 Tips for New Business Owners

There’s really no manual for this. Isn’t that crazy? Masses of people jumping ship from their 9 to 5s into the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship with no idea what they’re doing. Though I can’t pretend to have all the answers, there are a few pieces of advice I’d listen more closely to if I could go back and do things again —

“That’s someone’s job.”

The premise of entrepreneurship is hustle. Grit. Movement, right? It’s understandable that entrepreneurs often take on DIY projects because there’s a by any means necessary mentality that comes with the job, but I’ve unlearned this. 

Yes, there are things you won’t be able to outsource upfront but recognizing the magnitude of the project you’re taking on early is the key to seeing your profit. Whenever you’re wondering if you should pay for something or pay for it, remind yourself “that’s someone’s job”. 

When you’re tempted to DIY something, think of all the clients you’ve attained because they tried to do your job themselves. Think about how much time and money they could’ve saved had they hired you at first.  With the thing you’re on the fence about, can you afford the cost of wasted time, energy, and money?

Remember this and it will be much easier to decide what deserves a purchase.

No one builds an empire alone.

The thing about getting started is that there are endless questions, and the worst part of the joke is that you’re the one who’s supposed to have the answers but who said? Seriously, who said that? You. 

You thought the term CEO came with superpowers that made you all-knowing but surprise, CEO at first means you have more questions than answers. Not only do you have questions, but it can often be confusing to figure out who to ask and where to start. 

Seek mentorship and partnerships with those who have more experience. Build a network laterally and vertically so that you’re supported from every angle. 

Make it impossible to fail.

There’s always more to learn.

With practice, time in, and happy clients, your confidence in yourself and skills will grow. The danger is that your ego can too. When this happens remember — There is always more to learn. 

A quick phrase like this will keep you invested in learning more than arriving, helping you maintain a much-needed piece of humility that the world needs more of. 

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